Why it is important to let professionals handle your translations

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You need a translation? But how do you get one? You could ask a colleague or translate it by yourself, maybe you could also ask Google – or is it better to hire a professional translation agency? Here are the pros and cons of your options:

  • Option 1: Asking a colleague or doing it by yourself
    Those are risky options, which are mostly doomed to failure. Knowing a language, being able to speak it or having a high level of proficiency in it is not enough, especially if you need an official, technical or specialised translation that will represent your company or yourself. This means you need an expert translator for specific subject areas such as technology, contract law, software development and so on. Furthermore, it is very difficult to judge someone else’s or your own language proficiency without knowing the requirements for the production of a professional translation in those specific subject areas. It is important to remember that just being able to speak a language does not qualify a person to translate accurately.
  • Option 2: Asking Google
    Using Google or any other machine translation tool is not very expensive and much faster than a human translation. Even though machine translation has advanced immensely over the past years, it still produces a high error rate and the language mostly sounds inappropriate for the respective context or the intended audience, because Google is lacking the ability to differentiate between different text types. Remember how hard it is to find the right words, even in your native language if you are not an expert in communications.
  • Option 3: Hiring a professional translation agency
    This is much more expensive than the other two options and takes more time than a machine translation, but it is the most professional way. A translation agency is familiar with all the important aspects of specialised translation and processes your text in accordance with the industry’s high quality standards. It has great experience and access to a well-selected network of professional translators, therefore having more resources at its disposal than any individual translator alone. In contrast to Google and laypersons, a translation agency works with professional computer-assisted translation tools and applies customer-specific terminology: thus the customer always receives consistent, high-quality translations in every way.

There are a lot of different aspects contributing to the success or failure of a translation. In order to create a professional translation, the correct linguistic style of the respective subject area, the customer’s terminology preferences and the regional variations (localisation) of the language (e.g. British or American English) must be taken into consideration. If you need any more information on professional translations, please feel free to contact us.


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