GCBG and United Bible Societies

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The London office of GCBG has had a busy month. Because we have experience of managing similar projects and have teams of expert linguists all around the world we were selected to work with The United Bible Societies who are holding their annual World Assembly in Philadelphia from 12 to 18 May 2016.

Our contribution to this year’s event involves translating all sorts of documents from highly specialised delegates’ papers and talks to the keynote prayer to briefing documents and administrative arrangements into different languages. We send our best wishes to the United Bible Society for their World Assembly.

The United Bible Societies are responsible for the largest number of translations produced in the world and for the widest distribution of Bibles. In 2015 Bible Societies assisted in the completion of translations into 50 languages spoken by nearly 160 million people. 2015 was ‘a first’ for no fewer than 28 languages, spoken by nearly 33 million people.

The UBS World Assembly occurs every six or seven years. Chairs of the Boards and General Secretaries of every UBS member attend and vote on matters affecting the society. The Assembly gathers people from approximately 150 countries in every continent. It is the largest meeting that takes place worldwide about the Bible.

If your organisation holds international events or sends documents (electronic or paper) to an international audience, you need to translate them to achieve maximum effect. With offices in five countries, GCBG can make your international communication a success and probably save you money. Visit to locate our office in your region.


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